XLarge Neoprene Magnetic Posture Corrector Back Lumbar Shoulder Support Brace

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Designed for men and women, this comfortable back support gently pulls your shoulders back and helps straighten your spine to encourage proper posture. Styled with 12 concealed magnets, it helps ease pain, stiffness and discomfort. Made of a soft, stretchy blend of neoprene, it is lined with cotton for comfort and fits discretely under clothing.



Helps relieve problems related to bad posture. 12 Magnetic energy points heal using magnetic therapy
Regular use of 2 hours a day can help reduce backaches, curvature of the spine (scoliosis), osteoporosis, mild to moderate kyphosis, slumped shoulders, indigestion, erratic bowl, neck and shoulder pain.
Unisex support brace, Completely adjustable
Shoulder pads for added comfort, Discreet and comfortable to wear
Made from breathable neoprene, polyester and cotton lined for comfort and extra support. Hand washable.
X-Large – Waist: 96-102cm, Height 175-195cm