Wood Burning Pen Tool Soldering Stencil Iron Craft Pyrography Kit

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Product Description:

This Professional Pyrography pen with LCD display and memory function, gives you Visual Control of the heat for any project. Inner-heated ceramic technology makes heat up quickly in 8 seconds. Adjustable temperature from 356℉~896℉/180℃~480℃.

This 46Pcs woodburner tools combines wood burning, soldering iron, leather cutting and hot knife cutter function in one. Multiple interchangeable tips (Universal, Flow, Tapered, Calligraphy, Shading, Transfer, Hot Knife and Solder), work for Leather, Cork, Welding Circuit Board, Foam, etc.

Pyrography pen heats up to the temperature memorized in last use as soon as you turned it on. Replaceable heating core design makes this pyrography pen reusable. More ventilation holes on the steel-pipe make it to dissipate heat more efficiently, and the high temperature resistance protective casing protect your hand on your pyrography projects for long time use.

The wood burning pen has an anti-slip silicone sleeve around the handle to effectively insulate the heat and provide precise moves; a 180~480 degree adjustable temperature switch is easy to control the heat and keep stable temperature; the ON/OFF switch is safer to use and save more energy.

Product Specifications:
Adjustable Temperature: 180℃-480℃/ 356℉-896℉
Temperature Adjustment Accuracy: 5℃/41°F
Power Consumption: 60W
Temperature Control Method: mechanical knob

Package Content:
1 x electric soldering iron
28 x engraving tips
4 x golden soldering iron tips (extra gift)
5 x soldering tips
1 x pen tip converter
2 x carving boards
1 x tin cleaner
1 x solder wire
1 x welding bracket
1 x curved tweezers
1 x storage bag

How to Use:
Press and hold the red "*" button for 3~5 seconds to turn the pen on/off.
Press the "+" or "-" button to adjust the temperature. Each press increases or decreases the temperature by 5°C / 41°F. After setting, the temperature will be saved.
After reaching the set temperature, the temperature on the LCD screen will stop flashing. At that time, the pen will be in a constant temperature state. And the “°F” (°C) mark will keep flashing.
After the desired temperature is displayed on the LCD, please wait for a while to heat the pen tip. Continue your DIY project and you will get the best results.
After activating the pen, press the temperature adjustment buttons "+" and "-" at the same time, the degree displayed on the LCD can be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit or Fahrenheit to Celsius.