Reinforced Waterproof Membrane Paint Acrylic Sealant

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Black Magic Instant Roof & Gutter Repair Sealant: Is your most effective solution for any and all minor damage to roof surfaces. It goes further than other leading roof repair brands - it contains unique fibres that fill small cracks and holes with a much stronger seal, meaning your roof stays stronger for longer after just one coat! 
The Impregnated Waterproof Fibres That Permeate: Black Magic gives you a reinforced waterproof membrane that protects your roof against the elements better than other brands. Its super-strength fibrous waterproofing gives you peace of mind and security when you need it most. 
Black Magic is designed to be: long-lasting durable and flexible no matter where you apply it. It works on flat or pitched roofs, roof lights, flashing, roofing felt, gutters wet or dry, slate, asphalt, lead, corrugated asbestos, glass and fibreglass. 
Simple to use: Just make sure the surface is clear of leaves, grit or other debris and apply over the damaged surface with a trowel or brush. If the hole is a bit too big, just cover it with some plywood and apply Black Magic over that. It couldn't be much easier! 
Long-lasting, durable and flexible - never shrinks or cracks
Use Black Magic on:
 Flat and pitched roofs
 Corrugated asbestos
Roof lights
Roofing felts