Ultima Lawn Feed Fertiliser Granular Professional Nutrients Grass Green 2.5KG

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Transform Your Grass:
Make your grass healthier, thicker and greener than ever with this professional lawn fertiliser. It’s full of NPK nutrients to ensure your lawn looks better than it ever has before! 
Get Fast Results:
With this Ultima-Plus XP Grass Green, you can transform your lawn in just 4 days! This makes it the perfect product to use to when the warmer weather starts to arrive – especially if your lawn is in need of some TLC to prepare it for the nicer weather.
Excellent Value for Money:
Not only does this product transform your grass quickly, it also offers excellent value for money. Just one 2.5kg tub treats up to 70 square metres! (Applying 25-35g per metre).
Perfect for Those with Children or Pets:
If you’re wanting to transform your lawn, but you’re worried about potentially causing harm to your children or pets due to harsh chemicals, this is the perfect product for you! It’s a child and pet friendly formula – sure to safely give you healthier looking grass.
How to Use:
1) Apply using a lawn spreader or by hand. 
2) Apply 25-35g per square metre. 
3) For best results, we recommend that it’s applied between March and October. 
4) Avoid applying during hot weather or long periods of drought. 
5) For best results, apply in damp conditions or when rain is expected in the next 24 hours. 
6) Allow the granules to settle into the grass for at least 2-3 days before mowing.
7) If there is no rain after 2-3 days, the granules need to be watered in.