Twin Pack Magic Car Scratch Remover Eraser Scuffed Paint Work

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Product description
If there are more scratches on the car body. It is recommended to go with a scratch repairer to get better results.
【2021 Nano Sparkle Cloth For Car Scratch】2pcs Car scratch repair cloth, can effectively remove the car's mild scratches and stains, nail scratches, tree branch scratches, sand, and other scratches; remove paint oxidation, birds Dung, colloid, and other dirt. easy to carry. (Special warning, if the tip of the nail is easy to scratch a deep scratch, this product may not help.)
【Update Nano Magic Cloth For Car Scratches】Nona magic cloth car uses advanced nano repair technology. It can not only remove scratches but also restore the gloss and luster of paint and restore its original brilliance! Special friction compounds will remove water spots, oxidation, and other contaminants in the paint and protect paint surfaces.
【Suitable For All Vehicles And Colour】Nano magic car scratch remover has a powerful effect of decontamination and repairing car surface oxides, which can protect car paint for a long time. You can safely use it on any clear coat single stage, or multi-stage paint! There no unnecessary colour dyes or scents. (Note: Dark-coloured cars will lose light when used.)
【Easy to use and remover】When you have nano cloth scratch remover, No need to go to the 4S shop, repair shop, or paint cleaner or polish, just clean and wipe the surface to remove minor scratches or scratches. This can save a lot of time and money. The nano magnetic cloth can be used more than 10 times. If the scratches are not repaired for a long time, they will seriously damage the body, and it will be difficult to repair later.
【Usage Tips】 1. Do not rinse the nano cloth with water. 2. If it falls to the ground and is covered with dust or sand, please do not use it again. 3. Please put it in a bag and seal it after use. 4. When the repair is completed, use a towel to wipe the excess repair fluid around the scratch.
How to use:
1) Take out the smart towels from inside.
2) Wipe dry and dirt with a dry rag.
3) Please wear gloves.
4) Wipes the scratches.
5) After removing the scratch, wipe it again with a dry mop.
6) Put the cloth back in the sealed bag after use, you can reuse it about 10-15 times or 3 years!

Package includes:
2pcs x Car Scratch Polish Cloth

Do not wash cloth.
Do not use it with water.
Discoloration of cloth does not in any way affect its efficiency.
Do not use under high temperature or high surface temperature of the car body.
Inadvertently drop the sand ground, do not use it to avoid secondary damage to the paint.
The part where the metal part is exposed cannot be restored because the paint is dug deeply.
The repair part SHOULD NOT get wet in the rain or expose it to too much sun within 3 days.
To avoid secondary damage to the paint, do not use the cloth if it got dirty with particulates.
Far away from children, do not enter your eyes. If you accidentally slip into your eyes, wash with water immediately and seek medical advice in time.
The storage temperature is 0 to 40 degrees centigrade. Be sealed in a cool and dry place and strictly prohibit soaking in water (Don't put it in the car in summer). If the nano-meter cloth is dry, it will lose its effect.