Twin Pack All Purpose Filler And Acrylic Sealants

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151 All Purpose Fillers and Sealants
Available types - please choose from the drop-down menu:

All Purpose Filler Powder Boxed Contains 2x 600g all purpose fillers

Suitable for all interior plaster and wood repairs, just mix 2 1/2 parts filler to one part cold water

All Purpose Filler Tub

Contains 2x 600g ready mixed all purpose fillers White and smooth finish, no sagging shrinkage or cracking

Instant Filler Cartridge

Contains 2x 480g cartridges Easy to use filler for sealing and filling all gaps and cracks around the home Paintable and sandable, dries white

Decorators Flexible Filler

Contains 2x 480g cartridges For filling all cracks and gaps before decorating Easy to apply, quick drying - ready to paint in 1 hour

Frame Sealant White

Contains 2x 450g cartridges For all UPVC, wood and metal door and window frames Permanent and fast drying

Bathroom And Kitchen Acrylic

Contains 2x 450g cartridges White acrylic that is suitable for filling gaps and cracks in the kitchen and bathroom. Quick and easy to use - dries white

Roof & Gutter Repair Black

Contains 2x 450g cartridges Quick and easy repairs on all exposed surfaces. Black colour and waterproof

Multi Purpose Acrylic

Contains 2x 450g cartridges For filling cracks and gaps around the home