Submersible Water Pump Dirty Clean Pond Flood & 5m Hose 400W

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High-Performance Drainage You Can Rely On
If you’re dealing with floodwater, you want a pump system that you can rely on. The last thing you want is for that dirty water to leak into other areas while you’re working. This high-performance 400W submersible pump is perfect for homeowners and professionals who need to quickly and safely drain large volumes of water. It’s price-to-performance offer is simply unbeatable, and it’s reliable, durable, and simple to use.
Safe for Clean or Dirty Water
MYLEK’s hard-wearing design is ideal for dealing with dirty floodwater. It can handle particles of up to 35mm in size, so it won’t get clogged up by all the debris that appears in dirty water. This means it’s more than safe enough to use in clean water, too, so you can use it to drain pools, wells, and water from leaking boilers or washing machines.
Amazingly Efficient Pump Mechanism
The advanced 400W pump is designed with efficiency in mind. Despite its low power consumption, it can move up to 8000L per hour, making it one of the most efficient models on the market. This means it’ll get the job done faster!
Float Switch Activation
Each pump is fitted with a float switch, which will automatically activate the pump when it’s submerged. This means you won’t have to wade into potentially deep, dirty water to drain it.
IPX8-Rated, Safe for Depths Up to 7m
You can safely use your pump at depths of up to 7m thanks to its IPX8 waterproof rating. This makes it an all-purpose submersible pump suitable for pools, wells, flooding, and much more.
Includes 5m Hose
Pair your pump with a durable rubber hose, included in the price. This 5m hose is perfect for draining shallower areas, such as basements.
What’s in the Box?
1 x 400W submersible water pump with float switch 
1 x elbow pipe 
1 x pipe reducer
1 x 5m flat hose