Sawhorse For Log Cutting Galvanised Steel

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PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Our wooden sawhorse can be loaded up to 150kg. The foldable wood cutting stand is made of galvanized metal and stands by additional cross struts safe and stable on any surface!
SAFE: Due to the serration of the cutting trestle you can always insert different trunk thicknesses appropriately. In addition, the twisting of the wood is prevented
STABLE: Thanks to the triangle handrails and the steel angle profile, our wood cutting frame Absolute Stable, through which one can avoid overturning
TRANSPORTABLE: In addition, the saw frame is collapsible and thus easy to transport
WEATHER RESISTANT: Since the wood cutting frame is made of galvanized metal, it is resistant to weathering
Material: Stainless steel
Size: 79*81*85cm
Load capacity: 150 kg

Package Include:
1x Sawhorse Log Foldable