Reisser Decking Screws Professional Head Free Bit

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Reisser® High Quality Decking Screws 

Reisser® deck screws are designed to give the optimum solution for fixing deck boards. The fast start spiral point with a cut gives instant grab, and a pre-drill function to help eliminate splitting, a wide single thread centres the screw quickly, and this, coupled with the Reisser® lubricant and the reduced parallel shank, reduces friction, which means faster insertion, with less power. The specially hardened steel provides increased ductility, with a min. 30 degree bending angle, reducing the risk of shearing through timber expansion.
25 degree tip gives immediate start.
3 separate intro threads give rapid acceleration into the decking.
Reduced parallel shank reduces board friction, to assist easy driving, and allows decking to be screwed down tight without pre-drilling.
Threads under the head allows the screw to lock tight into the decking, giving no board movement and a superior fix.
Free driver bit in each pack.
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