ProKleen Patio Drive Way Black Spot Remover Cleaner Lichen Algae Green Mould 5L

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ProKleen Ultimate Black Spot Destroyer 1 x 5L
This NEW, super-concentrated, extreme black spot remover is all you need to eradicate even the most stubborn and unsightly black spots from around your garden - clean your patio, paths, Indian sandstone, block paving, and so much more with ease
Helps to lift and clean dirt and grime from areas that haven't been treated for years - you'll have them looking brand new once more with this powerful black spot destroying solution
Keep your patios, block paving, sandstone, and more looking bright and clean all year round with Pro-Kleen's Ultimate Black Spot Destroyer
One bottle of this powerful black spot remover treats approximately 20-25 square metres.
Wondering how to use this black spot removing formula? It couldn't be easier! Using a pressure sprayer, apply onto the affected area, leave to soak in for 2-4 hours, and then rinse thoroughly. The treatment can be reapplied for badly affected areas and then pressure washed afterward for even better results.
How to use Pro-Kleen Ultimate Black Spot Remover
Apply it directly to the area you wish to treat and leave to soak in. It will start to fizz as it begins working. Leave the solution on the affected surface for 2-4 hours for the best results. When sufficient time has been allowed, rinse the area thoroughly. For best results, use a pressure washer. Always test on an inconspicuous area before treating an area. This black spot remover is not a degreaser and will not remove oil stains. Avoid contact with grass, plants, and ponds. Contains ingredients dangerous to aquatic life. Children and pets must be excluded from treated areas until the treatment is completed, has been rinsed, and the area has dried.