ProKleen 15L Patio Cleaner Mould Algae Moss Killer 25% Stronger Spray Walk Away

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Pro-Kleen SIMPLY SPRAY & WALK AWAY 15L: One of the UK's leading cleaning brands - a brand you know and can trust. 
It's one of the most powerful & concentrated: green mould and algae removers on the market!  Get effortless results within 3 days 
Don't settle for less. Use the original and the best.  
MAXIMUM STRENGTH & SUPER CONCENTRATE: The most powerful and concentrated green mould & algae remover. A 5L bottle of Simply Spray & Walk Away makes a minimum of 25L of solution covering a HUGE 200m² area! Simply Spray & Walk Away is a maximum strength super concentrate boasting 75% more active ingredient than other brands! This solution can also be diluted to make up to 50L of solution at 1:9 dilution. 
DILUTION RATE: The dilution rate is 1L solution to 4L of water. A little goes a VERY long way! Apply in dry conditions avoid applying when rain is forecast within the following 8 hours summer apply late afternoon / early evening (when sunlight is less intense) The solution can be applied up to a massive dilution rate of 5L solution to 45L of water for less affected areas, which would cover a huge 400m² area. TIP: The less dilution the quicker the results. 
ALL HARD SURFACES: Perfect for use on patios, decking, fencing, paths, driveways, roofs, sheds, greenhouses, garden statues, terracotta pots, UPVC windows, boats, caravans, motor homes and all indoor & outdoor hard surfaces affected by green mould and algae! 
PREVENTS REGROWTH : Once treated results will show in 2-3 days! Simply Spray & Walk Away penetrates your outdoor surfaces creating an invisible barrier which will help to prevent re-growth for up to 6 MONTHS! 
100% SAFE 
Biodegradable: PH8. Non-caustic, no acid & no bleach! Simply Spray & Walk Away is safe for use around children & pets once the area is dry. 
HOW TO USE: Read the instructions on the bottle carefully, then simply decide your required dilution and apply with watering can or pump sprayer, apply the solution to the entire area.