Powerful Drain Buster Plunger Unblock Sinks & Toilets

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Powerful plunging action.Clears Drains Quickly & Easily without the mess.
Clears Toilets, Bathtub, Showers, Sinks, drains.Clears Away tough blockages without harsh chemical.
Diameter: 17cm of the big plunger,6cm of the small plunger.
Two interchangeable plunger cups easily screw on for large or small drains.
This unique plunger features a powerful compression chamber that provides extra power without extra work.

Weight: 0.6kg Height: 45cm Diameter: 17cm(Big Plunger) x6cm(Small Plunger)

Package Included:

1x Drain Buster
2x Interchangeable plunger heads