Multifunction Sink Basin Faucet Wrench Sink Tap Spanner Installer Tools

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Multifunction Sink Basin Faucet Wrench Sink Install Tap Spanner Installer Tools

Material: ABS+Aluminum Alloy
Product size: 25.5*5.5cm (Due to manual measurement, there will be an error of 1-3cm.)

1.A variety of scenes are easy to handle, suitable for quick assembly and disassembly operations at water heater sinks and other joints. For example, the operating space is small, the screws are not tightened, the water pipe leaks, and the tools are difficult to choose. This multifunctional wrench can be done in one go.
2.Designed for narrow spaces, the wrench is designed with a slot inside, which can be easily embedded in the hose.
3.Aluminum alloy nut, forged with high-strength zinc alloy, strong and durable, not easy to deform.
4.The design of the spirit level, in addition to the wrench, the spirit level can also be equipped with racks, murals, etc.
5.With a broken wire extractor, a broken wire extractor is added to the tail to facilitate the removal of broken wires from the water pipe. (Only the red model has the broken wire removal function)
6.The through-hole design increases the torque, and a support rod is inserted in the hole to increase the rotation force.
7.The body shape is comfortable and the grip is made of ABS engineering plastics. The anti-slip texture allows the hands to be released easily.

Red version: 3 accessory heads and 1 broken wire extractor 
Yellow version: 1 accessory head, 1 circle of tape