Motor Home Gas Detector Alarm Propane Butane LPG Natural

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This is a gas alarm sensor, remind you to monitor natural gas safety. A perfect safety tool used 
in motor home, marine, vehicles.  It can detect the leakage of propane, butane, LPG, natural, common flammable gasses. It is very simple to use and convenient to install. 

1. Unique design of alarm sensor body, high reliability sensor. Easy to install and operate. 
2. Made of premium materials, safe and stable. Durable for long time use.
3. Two state of indicator light, red light indicates alarm, yellow light indicates failure.
4. Built in and output switch terminal pair for integration into external alarm system.
5. It is applicable to vehicles,marine, such as motor home,boat,yacht and so on.

Voltage : 12V DC
Warm-up (stabilisation) Time: 180s
Power Indicator : Green LED
Size: 11.5*7*5cm/4.53*2.76*1.97in
Weight: 151g

Package Included:
1 * Alarm Sensor1 * Screw Cap 1 * Screw