Mini Rotary Power Drill Multi Tool 234 Piece Kit

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This 234 Piece Mini Rotary Drill and Accessory Set comes with a complete assortment of sanding drums, cutting & grinding wheels, brushes, sanding discs, wire brushes, twist drills etc.

Ideal for the hobbyist and small DIY tasks.

Comes supplied in a handy Storage/Carry Case

Product Features:

Electric Mini Rotary Drill with BS Approved 3 Pin Plug
Power: 135W
Voltage: 230V ~ 50Hz
No Load Speed: 10,000-32,0000rpm
Chuck Capacity: 3.2mm

Accessories included in this set:

6pcs Collets (2 x 1.6mm, 2 x 2.3mm, 2 x3.2mm)
4pcs Sanding Bands (12.7 x 12.7mm)
4pcs Sanding Bands (6.3 x 12.7mm)
2pcs HSS Cutters (Ø3.2 mm)
3pcs HSS Twist Drills (1.6mm, 2.3mm, 3.2mm)
7pcs Diamond Bits (Ø3.2mm)
2pcs Mandrel for Cut Off Wheel (Ø3.2mm)
1pc Mandrel for Felt Wheel (Ø3.2mm)
2pcs Sanding Shank (12.7 x 12.7mm, 6.3 x 12.7mm)
10pcs Grinding Wheels with Shank (Ø3.2mm)
5pcs Brush (Ø3.2 mm)
1pc Polishing Compound
1pc Cloth Wheel (25 x 4.5mm)
2pcs Felt Wheels (25.4 x 6.3mm)
4pcs Felt Wheels (12.7 x 6.3mm)
1pc Felt Wheel Pointed (9.5 x 19mm)
12pcs Grinding Wheels (20 x 3.2mm)
2pcs Rubber Emery Wheels (22 x 4mm)
30pcs Fine Sanding Papers
30pcs Medium Sanding Papers
30pcs Coarse Sanding Papers
36pcs Cut Off Wheels Regular (24 x 0.4mm)
30pcs Cut Off Wheels Heavy Duty (24 x 0.8mm)
5pcs Cut Off Wheels Fibreglass (32 x 1.2mm)
1pc Dressing Stone
1pc Wrench
1pc Saw Blade