Magic Wrench Adjustable Universal Functional Spanner

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Product Description
1. Magic Wrench Adjustable Universal Functional Spanner

2. Type: Multifunctional Wrench Spanner

3. Length:295mm Available Sizes: 9mm~45mm

4. Magic wrench works with any shape of nuts or bolts.

5. You can tight up any screw with this magic wrench.You also can use this wrench for housework.

6. It is compatible used for all kind of bolts & nuts, The wrench size can be extended from 9 to 45mm.

7. Magic Wrench is completely versatile and can be used for industrial and professional work.

8. The red part of wrench consists of rubber material, so it prevents wrench falling down wrench.

9. Package Including:

1PC x Magic Spanner