Lever hand Oil Pump Barrel Pump Oil Fluids / Diesel 55 Gallon Drums

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▪ Professional tool for commercial or occasional use
Efficient lever action pump for use with steel barrels.
▪ This heavy duty pump features a die cast aluminium head and bung nut with a zinc plated 38mm curved discharge spout and telescopic suction tube that adjusts to suit the barrel size.
▪ 2" BSP adaptor for secure drum fitting
▪ Also suitable for all Gallon Drums Barrels from 5 55
▪ Delivers approximately 9 ounces per 1 stroke
▪ Adjustable pick up from 460mm to 880mm (so ideal for small barrels as well as larger)
▪ Curved spout for maximum output with limited effort.
Plastic covered handle for comfort and grip when using.
Total weight of the tool 1100 grams
▪ All can be taken apart for limited space consumption and easy transportation (please see illustration above)

▪ Type: Hydraulic
▪ Flowing: 20L/min
▪ Material: Cast Iron    
▪ Surface finish: Chrome plated    
▪ Power Source: Hand
▪ Application: Industrial

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