Hot Air Heat Gun Free Accessories Kit

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This hot Air Heat Gun is perfect for making a whole range of DIY tasks easier. It’s ideal for shrink wrapping, crafting, embossing heating, paint stripping, roofing, wire stripping, auto glass tinting, soldering / desoldering, plastic welding, PVC pipe bending, seized bolts & nut loosening, replacing tiles, soften plastics as well as drying and thawing water pipes. The accessory kit comes supplied with different stainless-steel nozzles to make your job easier and to give you the perfect nozzle to complete the job with ease.
Two Instant Heat Modes
This 2000W Hot Air Gun has 2 heat settings. It can provide powerful heat of up to 650°C in seconds – perfect for getting the job started straight away. The first heat setting provides heat of up to 350°C with airflow of 250L/min airflow. This is ideal for bending plastic or soft paint, softening adhesive material and much more. The second heat setting heats up to an impressive 650°C with airflow of 550L/min. This is perfect for loosening rust, removing paint and more. It heats up in seconds and the heat speed mode selection is conveniently located on the grip of the heat gun, allowing you to have better control over the job at hand. 

 2000W hot air heat gun with 2m cable

Free Accessories
Stainless-steel concentration nozzle
Stainless-steel flat nozzle
Stainless-steel hook nozzle
Stainless-steel glass Protection nozzle
2 x scrapers
Safety glasses
Safety mask
Safety gloves