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Rust Converting Paint
Rust Wizard is a unique rust converting paint designed for use on barbecues, garden furniture, stoves, chimineas, log burners and so much more, thanks to its rust resistant and non-flammable formula! It’s designed to completely neutralise rust and leaves behind a satin black coating.
For Indoor and Outdoor Use
This low odour rust converter paint can be used both indoors and outdoors to transform drainpipes, guttering, vehicle parts, PVC, gates, glass, metal hinges, brick, stone, wood, and so much more with no primer needed. It's safe on plastic, wood, metal, uPVC, leather, and more, allowing you to keep your appliances and furniture rust-free with ease.
Water Based Formula
Black Magic is water based, which unlike solvent-based paints, does not have a harsh overpowering smell. This allows it to be used indoors, without leaving an odour behind that may linger for several days after painting! Forget about having to buy multiple products to achieve a professional finish, this formula both primes and paints the surface you wish to transform! This allows the job to be finished quickly, whilst still providing outstanding results.
Flexible Formula to Prevent Cracking or Peeling
Perfect for garden furniture, Black Magic expands and contracts with plastic depending on the weather. As a result, the flexible formula will not crack or peel, which is one of the biggest problems people encounter after painting outdoor furniture. The water base also makes washing the used brushes easy, without any strong chemicals having to be used. Simply rinse the used brush under warm water and the paint will wash away! Due to its flexibility, this paint can be used on plastic, metal, leather, wood and UPVC – allowing you to paint any surface you wish. Black Magic is the perfect paint for outdoor furniture and guttering.
Touch Dry in 15 Minutes
This unique formula is touch dry in just 15 minutes and provides a tough finish in just one coat! The fast-drying formula is perfect for getting the job done quickly to protect and transform your desired surface – perfect for transforming any rust covered surface in no time.

How to Use
2. Ensure the surface is clean and free of grease before application. 
3. Remove any loose rust particles with a wire brush. 
4. Apply one coat to the surface and allow 30 minutes for the paint to dry. 
5. If you would like to add a further coat, wait two hours before recoating. 
6. Brushes can easily be washed out with water thanks to the water-based formula