Hand Drill Bench Stand Clamp Workbench Pillar Drilling

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Designed with bracket height fixing sleeve, which can adjust different bracket height according to working height and length of drill bit.
The bottom of the aluminum alloy base has desktop fixing screw holes for easier and safer operation. The bottom surface is designed with an expansion slot for mounting vise or mold.
This plunge drill stand is ideal for keeping the drill bit stable during use and more precise than handheld operation.
Drilling depth up to 60mm, can be used for electric drills with the diameter is less than 42mm.

Material: alloy
Single hole: electric drill clamping hole
Double hole: electric drill clamping hole+electric grinder clamping hole
Main spindle height: 400mm / 15.7in
Electric drill clamping range: 38-42mm / 1.5-1.7in
Electric grinder clamping range: 35-38mm / 1.4-1.5in
Single stroke: less than 60mm
Clamp mouth height: 20mm / 0.8in
Base size: 220 * 140mm / 8.7 * 5.5in
Package size: 430 * 180 * 85mm / 16.9 * 7.1 * 3.3in
Package weight:
Single hole: 1500g / 3.3lb
Double hole: 1600g / 3.5lb