Gorilla Wood Glue Toughest Fast Repair PVA Water Resistance

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Description: Gorilla Wood Glue PVA Adhesive Extra Toughest Durable DIY Fix Water Resistance Clear Durable Carpentry Fix Repair DIY Furniture Fast Acting
- Gorilla PVA Wood Glue - Various sizes - 118ml, 236ml, 532ml, 1 Litre
- For a strong, fast bond across a variety of wood surfaces
- Gorilla Wood Glue is the hard-working, water resistant formula, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
- Gorilla Wood Glue offers the benefits of an easy-to-use, water based PVA adhesive, with the holding power that Gorilla is known for.
- Complete projects fast - Bonds strong and requires a short grip time – only 20 – 30 mins.
- Gorilla Wood Glue dries natural in colour.
- Indoor/outdoor - D3 water resistance.
- Versatile - Use on hardwoods, softwoods and wood composites.