Garden Pressure Sprayer 8L Artificial Grass Cleaner

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This professional-quality pump spraying kit is an essential item for any gardener. It’s hard-wearing and easy to use, and will help make your gardening routine so much simpler! You can use the Pro-Kleen Garden Sprayer for almost anything – it’ll help you water your plants, spray weedkiller and fertiliser, or give your patio an even coating of patio cleaner.
Premium Brass Lance
The spray lance is made of brass; the premium metal for spray lances. It’s extremely hard-wearing and flexible, which allows it to cope with hard impacts and constant use. It’s also corrosion- and rust-resistant, so you can spray almost any liquid through it without losing performance. If you want a reliable sprayer that you can use again and again, look no further!
Efficient Pump Mechanism and Lockable Trigger
Work smarter, not harder with this sprayer’s efficient pump mechanism and lockable trigger. The pump builds up pressure quickly and comes with an advanced safety relief valve, allowing you to easily generate and maintain pressure in the sprayer without worrying about going over. Once you’ve got your ideal spray pattern, you can lock the trigger in place to ensure a perfectly even spray.
Safe to Use with Almost Any Garden Chemical
You can use this pump sprayer with almost any non-corrosive garden chemical. It’s safe to use with iron sulphate and lawn feed, patio cleaner, weedkiller, and more.
Lightweight and Easy to Carry
With a lightweight design and a free carrying strap included in the box, it’s easy to use your garden sprayer for longer periods. This is useful if you have a large garden you need to cover!

Large 8L Capacity
The large capacity of this pump sprayer is perfect for watering, weedkilling, cleaning, and more in even the largest gardens.
What’s in the Box?
Pump sprayer
Brass lance
Carry strap
Spare seal kit

Pro-Kleen Super Strength Artificial Grass Cleaner: 
3-in-1 Formula Cleans, Deodorises, and Disinfects Artificial Lawns. This super-effective artificial grass cleaner is the best way to get your artificial lawn looking like new again! It cleans, deodorises, and disinfects all at once – just one treatment, and you can enjoy your garden once again! It can clean up pet odours and fouling, bird droppings, dirt, and much more!
New Super-Concentrated Formula: 
This new super-concentrated formula is effective at a dilution ratio of 1:10. That’s 1 part Artificial Grass Cleaner to 10 parts water, giving you up to 11L cleaning solution from just one bottle! This means a little goes a very long way!
Breaks Down Foul Odours at the Source: 
Our Artificial Grass Cleaner doesn’t just mask foul odours, it breaks them down at their source. This gives your lawn a longer-lasting freshness as it replaces those stubborn pet smells with a natural scent!
Pet-Friendly Formula: 
Our formula is completely safe to use in homes with pets, so it’s perfect for dog owners! Just make sure your lawn has completely dried out after use before allowing pets back onto the area.
Proudly Cruelty-Free: 

This grass cleaning formula is cruelty-free! It isn’t just kind to your pet, it’s kind to animals everywhere.
Easy to Use: 
Mix 1 part Artificial Grass Cleaner with 10 parts water. If the area is heavily soiled, it can be used stronger and even neat.
Apply liberally to your artificial grass using a pump sprayer or watering can and leave for 20 minutes. Keep pets and children away from the area during this time.
Rinse the area thoroughly.
Wait for the area to dry completely before allowing pets and children back onto the area.