Gadget Pen Folding Ruler Mini Spirit Level 11 in 1 Multi Tool kit

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Gadget Kit | Gadget Pen Folding Ruler Mini Spirit Level 11 in 1 Multi Tool Card
DIY Measuring Kit | 4 in 1 Measuring Set Including 6-in-1 Gadget Pen | Ruler, Spirit Level and Tool Card | Great Gift Idea

PERFECT FOR DIY - This versatile four piece measuring kit is perfect for DIY measuring tasks and comes in a great value pack with a measuring pen, ruler, multipurpose tool card and portable spirit level for measuring.

6-IN-1 GADGET PEN - A super functional gadget pen with several useful and easily accessible tools. Aside from functioning as a normal pen, it can also become a cross or flat head screw drive, a ruler, a stylus and has it's own included spirit level. 

MULTIPURPOSE TOOL CARD - This high quality, stainless steel multipurpose tool card allows you to measure, open cans, function as a box cutter and bottle opener, and even work as a screwdriver. It is small in size and light, measuring barely the size of a credit card.

RETRACTABLE RULER - Small and light in size, this retractable ruler goes all the way up to 50cm. It's perfect for measuring around corners when doing cable measure and is lighter than a traditional tape measure.

SPIRIT LEVEL - Encased within a square to make it easier to balance, either horizontally or vertically, this handy spirit level is on a key chain ensuring you always have it available.