Funny Heavy Duty Natural Coir Muck Off Door Mat

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Heavy Duty Natural Coir Muck Off! Door Mat

Keep your muddy footprints and paw prints outside with this Muck Off! Door Mat.
A little touch of your personality shown on a mat! 
This Novelty Natural Coir Material is highly absorbent and will remove dirt & dust from footwear and pars collecting it at the bottom of the fibres where it can easily be shook off. 
Heavy Duty, so you know that this will definitely remove all those muddy parts from paws or shoes! 
Not only is this mat practical, but highly versatile, you can place it indoors or outdoors, wiping your mucky feet as you go so it doesn't trail around your home. 
A bright & fun way to decorate the front of your home. 

Dimensions: 45cm x 75cm