Flat Wood Bit Set 7PC

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A selection of quick release Flat Wood drills. The quick release feature is designed to ensure a rapid change of bits making it ideal for multiple applications. Sold in a robust weatherproof case.

• Three point design for faster, cleaner holes
• Bright finish
• Compound angle, ground recessed cutting edge for superior cutting
• 1/4” Quick release hexagonal shank for use in both 3 jaw chucks and 1/4” quick release adaptors

10.0 x 152mm (Qty 1)
2.0 x 152mm (Qty 1)
16.0 x 152mm (Qty 1)
19.0 x 152mm (Qty 1)
22.0 x 152mm (Qty 1)
25.0 x 152mm (Qty 1)
32.0 x 152mm (Qty 1)

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