Fire Pit BBQ Grill Garden Firepit Stove Patio Heater

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The outdoor garden fire pit is ideal for cool evenings, providing cosy warmth, lithe light which makes a beautiful, captivating, comfortable atmosphere. Ideal for any outdoor gathering, lovers’ bill and coo, parent-child communication or simply sit down alone.

Durable and robust steel construction
Burns all solid fuels
Mesh safety lid prevents burning embers blowing away
Ash collecting tray
Outdoor use only
Easy to assemble
Approx Dimensions:
W46.5 x D46.5 x H37cm
Net weight: 4.5kg
Warm Tips:
1. It is suggested that it cannot be burned on an open flame, this is an ordinary charcoal barbecue grill.
2. Fire extinguishing is done by blocking oxygen or separating the fire from the pit, and cannot be extinguished directly with water.