Diamond Core Kit 5pcs

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Five of the most popular sizes and accessories in an aluminium case. NOTE: Ideally suited to lightweight building materials up to 10n/mm2; Soft bricks, Lightweight blocks, Concrete, Natural stone, Limestone. FOR ROTARY MODE ONLY.


Segment H (mm) 10
Substrates Concrete, Brick, Block, Sandstone
Weld Type Silver Soldered
Pack Type Case
Pack Qty 1
Contents 38 x 150mm Diamond Core (Qty 1)
52 x 150mm Diamond Core (Qty 1)
65 x 150mm Diamond Core (Qty 1)
117 x 150mm Diamond Core (Qty 1)
127 x 150mm Diamond Core (Qty 1)
1/2" BSP x 240mm Extension (Qty 1)
1/2" BSP x 88mm Hex Adaptor (Qty 1)
1/2" BSP x 115mm SDS Adaptor (Qty 1)
8 x 200mm Pilot Drill (Qty 1)
8 x 75mm Taper Drift (Qty 1)

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