Crabtree Single Pole MCB Circuit Breaker Type B/C

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These MCB Circuit Breakers are the perfect item to protect your wires from damage. These Crabtree Starbreaker Single Pole MCB's will detect overload and short circuit in your electrical network and switch off the current to prevent damage to your wires and systems.

These circuit breakers are made by Crabtree which is a well-established British manufacturer and is now owned by the Siemens group, which is world-renowned for producing high-quality and precise manufacturing, giving you the comfort of knowing that your electrics are in safe hands.

They come in all different amp ratings and a choice of Type B devices that are designed to trip at fault currents of 3-5 times the rated current (For example a 10A device will trip at 30-50A) and Type C devices which are designed to trip at 5-10 times (50-100A for a 10A device) so buy the one that fits your electrical system.

Type B/C
Single Pole
240V AC
6kA breaking capacity.
DIN Rail mounting
Manufactured to BS EN 60898
16mm² terminal capacity
H 9cm x W 7cm x D 1.8cm