Cleenly TFR Car Care Wash Vehicle Chassis Traffic Film Remover pH Neutral 5L

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Removes Oil, Grease, Bugs and More:
Looking for the perfect product that removes dirt, grime, grease, oil and even dried bugs from your paintwork and windows? Look no further! Cleenly’s Traffic Film Remover is the perfect product to remove hard to remove marks from your vehicle to leave it cleaner and clearer than ever!
The Perfect Pre-Wash:
Our Traffic Film Remover removes loose pieces of dirt and grime to make sure that they don’t scratch your paintwork or glass during the shampooing process. Therefore, this makes it the perfect pre-wash for your vehicle!
For Paintwork, Alloys & More:
Our TFR can be used to deeply clean rubber, plastic, alloys, wiring and glass for the ultimate clean. This way, you can completely cover your vehicle without any worry!
For Cars, Vans, Trucks and more:
Make sure your car, van, truck, forklift, bus, tractor or any other vehicle gets the ultimate deep clean by using this Traffic Film Remover. It makes easy work of removing dirt and grime to give you a clean and fresh-looking vehicle in no time.
How to Use:
1. Using a 1:100 dilution rate, dilution our TFL with water. 
2. Using a hot or cold pressure washer, apply the product all over your vehicle
3. Once fully covered, rinse with clean water for a gleaming car!