Cleenly Patio Cleaner Organic Decking Mould Moss Killer Brick Magic Fluid 10L

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No Harsh Chemicals:
This unique patio cleaner contains no harsh chemicals! This means that instead of using potentially harmful chemicals, it uses a natural acetic acid-based formula instead. This makes it much kinder to the environment and safer for the person using it – perfect for deep cleaning your patio safely!
Perfect for Pet Owners:
You’re looking for a patio cleaner that’s safe to use around your pet, look no further! This Cleenly Patio Cleaner is perfectly safe to use around pets, even when it’s still wet! It also isn’t harmful to aquatic life, so you can use it near ponds and water features too!
For Use on Multiple Surfaces:
This product is super versatile. It can be used on any hard surface including driveways, patios, fencing, stone, water features and much more! 
Non-Staining Formula:
There’s no need to worry about this product lightening, staining or bleaching your hard surfaces as the formula contains no acid or bleach! Therefore, your outdoor surfaces are simply deep cleaned and restored to their original colour by removing the dirt – making sure that no damage is done to the surface.
How to Use:
For best results, only use when no rain is forecast within the next 8 hours. 
1) Mix 1-part Organic Path and Patio Cleaner with 3 parts water in a pump sprayer or watering can and apply this to the desired area. 
2) Results should show within 3-4 days. 
3) Rinse or brush away any loose debris to breathe new life into your patio!