Carpet Shampoo Cleaning Solution 5L Odour Pet Deodoriser Upholstery Cleaner Vax

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5L Pro+ Spring Bloom Carpet Shampoo -Suitable for all Carpet Cleaning Machines

Safe for ALL carpet cleaning machines
Suitable for ALL types of carpets - even safe for wool!
Extra fresh fragrance
High concentration, low foaming action
Thoroughly cleans AND rejuvenates all carpets and upholstery
Neutralises all smelly odours (perfect for homes with pets)
Powers through heavily soiled areas

Revive your carpets and upholstery!

Pro-Kleen Carpet Shampoo is an ultra powerful carpet (and upholstery) cleaning detergent that deeply cleans, rejuvenates and neutralises all smelly, lingering odours. 

They'll look as good as new! Minimum effort, maximum results

This concentrated carpet cleaning solution powers through heavily soiled, high traffic areas with ease which means your carpets (no matter how old) will look like new with very minimal effort. 

Safe for all carpet cleaning machinesIt's safe for use in all carpet cleaning machines and is extremely easy to use. 

The high performance, intense formula eradicates germs and lingering smells that our furry friends leave behind! 

You'll no longer have to worry about overpowering pet smells when guests visit your home.

Many carpet shampoos contain high pH detergents which can strip natural oils from wool carpets and cause them to quickly resoil

Our solution is specially formulated for wool carpets and contains a highly effective anti-resoiling agent meaning your carpets will stay cleaner for longer.