BBQ Cleaner Solution Oven Grill Rack Grease Oil Burnt On Grime Remover

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 3 x 1L Barbecue Blitz Cleaner

Super Concentrated Formula
Pro-Kleen’s BBQ Blitz is a super-concentrated formula that cuts through grease, grime, oils, fat and burnt on stains to make sure you get a deeper and more thorough clean. This means your BBQ will be left cleaner than ever with our unique formula powering through even the toughest of stains and grease!
Incredible Value
Thanks to the super-concentrated formula, a little goes a long way. This means that you can keep Pro-Kleen BBQ Blitz on hand to use again when your BBQ needs another deep clean to make sure your BBQ is always sparkling clean.
Suitable for Most Surfaces
BBQ Blitz can be used on the majority of surfaces including stainless-steel, enamel, oven racks and BBQ racks. As a result, you can give all of your oven a deep clean without having to worry about it causing any damage to the surface.
Prolongs the Life of Your Appliance
Frequent use of BBQ Blitz keeps your appliances clean of grease, oil and carbon build-up. Just add 250ml of the solution into the bag with the racks or shelves and add 250ml solution to the base of the BBQ.
Easy to Use
BBQ Blitz comes supplied with everything you need to deep clean your BBQ, including full size grip seal bags (W 540mm X L 750mm) that are big enough to fit most shelves and racks, along with a pair of gloves. The all-in-one solution has been designed to give you the best results with minimum effort – transforming even the dirtiest racks and grills to leave your oven gleaming.