Bahco 100 Piece Screwdriver Bit Set & Bit Holders SL/PH/PZ/TX/HEX

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Professional Tools
A universal screwdriver set designed by Bahco, covering a wide spectrum of drives, enabling multiple jobs to be completed with ease.
The screwdriver bits come with colour coding for easy identification.
The perfect set for cordless drill drivers, screwdrivers etc.
The set includes seven styles in 25mm lengths, please see below for specifications:
All bits are 25mm long
Slot 4.5mm, 5.5mm.
Philiips: PH1 x 2, PH2 x 9, PH3, PH2G x 5.
Pozi-Drive: PZ1 x 2, PZ2 x 9, PZ3.
Torx: Tx10 x 3, Tx15 x 5, Tx20 x 15,Tx25 x 8, Tx27, Tx30 x 15, Tx40 x 3.
Torx Tamperproof: TR15, TR20, TR25, TR30.
Hex: HEX3, HEX4 x 3, HEX5, HEX6 x 3, HEX8.
Robertson Square Drive: R1, R2.
1/4” Quick Release Magnetic Bit Holder.
1/4″ Standard Bit Holder.