Assorted Insulated Electrical Terminals Wire Crimp Kit

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This is a male and female spade crimp terminal connector assorted kit including 2.8mm/4.8mm/6.3mm type with insulating sleeves. The terminals are made from copper with good conductivity.
Non-insulated mixed male and female spade crimp terminal connector kit including 2.8mm/4.8mm/6.3mm type.
Comes with insulating sleeves safe to use and plastic box to store the terminals.
Wire crimp type can be used to home appliances, auto, audio system for battery or rocker switch quick connecting/disconnecting.
Insulating Sleeve, High quality transparent plastic sheath, matching crimp terminal use, insulated and flame retardant, safe and reliable.
Size: 2.8mm, 4.8mm, 6.3mm Thickness: 0.5mm
Suitable for: Cars, vans, motor homes
Package Include:
25 x DJ6108B-2.8*0.5 Terminals
25 x DJ622-D2.8*0.5 Terminals
25 x DJ617-4.8*0.5A Terminals
25 x DJ622-D4.8 Terminals
15 x DJ615-6.3 Terminals
15 x DJ622-D6.3 Terminals
140 x Insulating Sleeve