99 Titanium Coated HSS Twist Drill Bit Set Wood Plastic

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Product Description:
You’ll never be short of the right drill bit with the this 99 Piece Drill Bit Set.
【HIGH HARDNESS & DURABILITY】 These twist drills are made of hard and sharp high-speed steel, which are superior to other drills in terms of accuracy and hardness. The surface is treated with a titanium coating to make it more heat-resistant and resistant to friction, thereby reducing heat accumulation and longer service life.
【118° SPLIT POINT AND 2 CHIP FLUTES】 Drills bit have a 118° split point tip and torsion design, which can make cutting more sharp, drilling speed is also faster and have automatic centering capabilities. This design can avoid walking in the working process, and can penetrate quickly, accurately and stably under small pressure. 2 chip flutes help to remove debris and particles faster and easier.
【CONVENIENCE & WIDE APPLICATION】 Each drill bit and box are engraved with a size, so you can quickly find a suitable drill bit, which is conducive to improving work efficiency. The durable metal storage box keeps the drill in order, and it is also convenient for you to carry it when you go out to work. It is more beautiful and durable than plastic storage boxes. this drill bit set apply for wood, plastic. ❎ NOT for glass, ceramic or concrete drilling.
【COMPATIBILITY】 The design of the round shank helps the electric drill to clamp the drill bit, prevent slippage and wandering and accurately align it, which is suitable for standard drill chucks and conventional round chucks. Compatible with most electric drills or bench drills on the market. It is ideal for DIY projects and home maintenance and repairs.

Scope of delivery:
2 X 10mm
2 X 8.0mm
2 X 6.5mm
2 X 6.0mm
2 X 5.5mm
3 X 5.0mm
3 X 4.5mm
8 X 4.0mm
8 X 3.5mm
10 X 3.2mm
10 X 3.0mm
15 X 2.5mm
16 X 2.0mm
16 X 1.5mm