75 Wago 221 Electrical Connectors Wire Block Clamps

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1. It is a reusable connector. For maintenance replacement,It can be recycled several times and can be removed when not in use.
2. Product features: fast wiring, insulated shell, copper conductor, does not hurt the core, stable conductivity, long life, no corrosion, anti-aging, 4KV withstand voltage and anti-shock.
3. Safety: Say goodbye to electrician tape, break the tradition and make wiring faster and more secure.
4. Easy to use: Simple operation, no tools required, plug and play, greatly reducing wiring work time.

Type:Terminal Connector
Terminates :24-12 AWG 
Nominal voltage: 450V
Insulation material: flame retardant environmental protection PA material 
Product accessories: 75 plug DE1
Housing material: PC material, nylon 6.6

Current rating: 32A
Model: PCT412 413 415
Package include No.1: 221-412 (35 pieces)
Package include No.2: 221-413 (25 pieces)
Package include No.3: 221-415 (15 pieces)