710W 5 Speed Pillar Drill Top Mounted Drilling Machine

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This mini drill press with 5-Speed ranges. You can drill precise holes with this product and it is great for small and precise work. 

It is easier to use and more accurate than hand-held drills.

It is useful for all types of drilling woodworkers, mechanics, hobbyists, workshop, arts and crafts.


-Infinite speed selection within the machine's six speed ranges(0-2800r/min)

-Accommodates drills from 1.5 to 13mm Dia

-Aluminum alloy base

-Gear drive without belt design

-Power-off switch for added safety

-Europe CE certificate passed    



Voltage: 220V 


Input power: 710W

Spindle speed:0-2800r/min Spindle  travel: 60mm Working radius: 130mm

Drill capacity:Woods: Ф30mm, Iron: Ф8mm Working size: 170X185mm

Column size: 32X2.5X400mm Max clamping diameter:13mm

Package included:

1 x Drill Press