600 Assorted Stainless Steel Nuts Bolts Small Screws

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600Pcs / Set Stainless Steel Nuts Bolts small Screws Kits Assorted M1/M1.2/M1.4

Application: for watches, glasses, electronics or anything else repair that requires small screws 

Qty Approx. : 600Pcs 

Condition: Brand New

Material: Stainless steel 

The assortment contains the following sizes: 

M1.2 nut

M1.4 nut

M1 x 3.6

M1.2 x 3.6

M1.4 x 2.4

M1.4 x 2.6

M1.4 x 2.8

M1.4 x 3.0

M1.4 x 4.0

M1.4 x 4.5

M1.4 x 6

M1.6 x 4.5