60-100mm Metal Hole Saw Arbor Pilot Drill Bit

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 This bimetal hole opener is made of M42 material, which is welded by electron beam and then quenched at high temperature. The teeth are sharp, durable, not easy to break, and the drilling is stable.

 Suitable for: aluminum, steel, casting materials, wood, plastic, gypsum board, stainless steel, etc.

Cutting hole diameter:100Mm

Cutting hole depth:38Mm
Material:M42 High Speed Steel

Contents of the package:1X Metal Hole Saw 1X Rod

Package including: one hole saw, one shaft

1.Hole Saw Cutter before in use, be sure to grasp reasonable, choice, control, tachometer and continuously added to the cooling fluid, in order to prevent edge cracking, such as high-speed gun drill used in the operation should control switch, so opening and closing to minimize its speed, widely used in conjunction with various types of drill hole drilling on the bench.
2.Opening iron than 5mm, the first open about 1mm deep, and then locate the drill along kerf through a hole drilled through it easier to discharge iron filings.
3.Teeth stay sharper and make smoother cuts.