6" Practical Circlip Plier Snap Portable Ring Pliers Set

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4 Piece Circlip Plier Set 150MM
4 Piece 6" Circlip Pliers Soft Grip Handles. Designed to permit easy assembly and disassembly of machinery and equipment that utilize circlips. Internal/ External pliers with straight jaws are designed for applications where easy straight on access is available to the circlip, the bent jaw versions introduce flexibility into the access of these circlips.
Benefits: Safe removal and assembly of circlips.
Tip: It is good practice to loosen circlips by lubricating them and tapping them with a small hammer or suitable implement to release them from their grooves prior to using circlip pliers, this will prevent overloading the tips of the pliers.
Safety: Circlips can fly at speed when released from shafts or housings, for your own safety please wear safety glasses when removing circlips

Product accessories: 4pcs circlip hand pliers
Approximate size of a single product: 7*9*1cm
Packaging requirements: 4psc/set
Product material: steel
Color: green

Products include:
1×Straight outer clamp
1×Straight inner pliers
1×Bent outer pliers
1 × curved inner pliers