5pc Car Wash Kit With Sponge/Mini/Dust Brushes, Cleaning Mitt & Window Sponge

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Description: 5pc Car Wash Kit.
There’s nothing like and old fashioned head car wash ! Handymen and motor enthusiasts alike will love the 5pc car wash kit ! Combining the perfect tools for all those hard to reach areas and with anti slip rubber grips for maximum comfort it is perfect for keeping your car clean. The ultra-soft & durable brush fibres are safe on virtually all paint surfaces and will give you a streak &starch free shine. The Microfiber will scrub away dirt and grime safely without scratching your wheel & rims. Best of all it is multi functional and can be used to clean floors, walls, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, and other outdoor products.

- Keep your car shiny clean with these brushes & tools. 
- Cleans wet or dry.
- Great for use on the go or at home.
- Perfect for cleaning the interior or exterior of your vehicle.
- Wax, Dry Polish & Wash.
- Ultra-soft brush fibres won’t scratch car.
- Convenient and easy to use.
Kit Includes: Sponge Brush, Mini  Brush, Dust Brush, Cleaning Mitt and Window Sponge.