5 LED Telescopic Magnetic Pick Up Tool Kit

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5 Pcs Magnetic Telescoping Pick-up Tool Kit for Extra Viewing Pickup Dead Angle

Product description:

Our picking tools have non-slip rubber handles for easy grip, and the retractable design tool helps you pick up metal debris that is invisible to the naked eye.

In addition, a 360-degree field of view is provided for easy and clear inspection of engines, furniture, drains, vents or narrow spaces. Retractable design for easy pickup or inspection.

   Telescopic length of 5 pickup tools
   15 lb pick-up tool---- from 7.08" (18cm) to 30.3" (77cm);
   1 lb pick-up tool----- from 5.11 (13 cm) to 25.19 inches (64 cm);
   Pick-up tool with the round inspection mirror---- from 9.44 (24cm) to 29.5 inches (75cm);
   Pick-up tool with the square inspection mirror----from 11 (28cm) to 34.25 inches (87cm) with 360° swivel adjustment;
   Pick-up tool with telescopic flashlights----from 6.69 inches (17cm) to 22.83inch (58cm);

   5 pieces included
   1* 15 lb magnetic telescopic pickup tool
   1* 1 lb pickup tool
   1* with square inspection mirror and 2 LEDs
   1* with round inspection mirror
   1* flashlight with 3 LED and flexible neck