419 pcs Rubber O Ring Seal Kit 32 Sizes With Case

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Contains every o-ring size you will ever need
Ideal for garages, general plumbers, mechanics, workshop
Complete with storage case
Case Size: Approx. 24.7x15.3x4.2cm/ 9.72x6.02x1.65"

Includes 32 Popular Metric Sizes:
R-01 20pcs-3mmx1.5mm
R-02 20pcs-4.4mmx2mm
R-03 18pcs-5mmx2mm
R-04 23pcs-7mmx1.5mm
R-05 23pcs-10mmx1.5mm
R-06 23pcs-13mmx1.5mm
R-07 14pcs-10mmx2.5mm
R-08 13pcs-11mmx2.5mm
R-09 14pcs-13mmx2.5mm
R-10 13pcs-14mmx2.5mm
R-11 14pcs-16mmx2.5mm
R-12 14pcs-18mmx2.5mm
R-13 13pcs-19mmx2.5mm
R-14 14pcs-21mmx2.5mm
R-15 13pcs-22mmx2.5mm
R-16 10pcs-18mmx3.5mm
R-17 10pcs-20mmx3.5mm
R-18 10pcs-22mmx3.5mm
R-19 10pcs-23.5mmx3.5mm
R-20 10pcs-25mmx3.5mm
R-21 10pcs-26.5mmx3.5mm
R-22 10pcs-28mmx3.5mm
R-23 10pcs-30mmx3.5mm
R-24 10pcs-31mmx3.5mm
R-25 10pcs-33mmx3.5mm
R-26 10pcs-34.5mmx3.5mm
R-27 10pcs-36mmx3.5mm
R-28 10pcs-38mmx3.5mm
R-29 10pcs-41mmx3.5mm
R-30 10pcs-44mmx3.5mm
R-31 10pcs-47mmx3.5mm
R-32 10pcs-50mmx3.5mm

Package Included:
1 x 419Pcs Assorted O Ring Rubber Seal Set