400W Multi Mini Circular Saw Wood Tile Metal Blades

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A CUT ABOVE THE REST: The Hi-Spec Corded Mini Circular Saw is a versatile power tool.

Make lightwork of cutting to size and shape long or large work-pieces with its high-speed interchangeable saw blades. Suited for a variety of cuts in woods, plastics, aluminium, tin, MDF, drywall, plasterboard, ceramics, laminate flooring, kitchen worktops, and decking at home, the garage or workshop.

3 PIECE BLADES: 1 x 18-Tooth Tungsten Carbide Tipped Blades for woods, laminates, plastics, MDF, and drywall. 1 x 30-Tooth High-Speed Spring Steel Blades for non-ferrous (non-steel) metals up to thicknesses of 3mm eg. aluminium, copper, tin. 1 x Continuous rim blades (no teeth) with diamond edge particles for a grinding action suited for ceramics and masonry eg. tiles, slate. Universally available accessories with a diameter size of 2.2in/54.8mm with a bore hole of 0.43in/11.1mm.

BLADE GUARD & DUST HOSE: A thick polycarbonate plastic guard and metal base plate encloses the blade keeping it shielded during operation. A spring-loaded push power switch automatically cuts-out the motor when released. NB. This thumb operated power switch is for right-handed usage. A 3in/1.6m dust extraction hose, for connection to a vacuum appliance, keeps work areas dust free and tidy.

SAWING DEPTHS: A side knob fixes the depth gauge which enables sawing and cutting into material depths or thicknesses of up to 0.5in/12mm. The guard lock handle, when held in, raises the guard to expose the spinning blade at the set depth. Small arrow guide markers at the front and rear of the guard assist in indicating the position of the blade’s cutting line
SAWING POWER: A 400W motor, connected by a 2 m cord, powers a no-load single-speed of 4500rpm for rapid cutting and sawing. A solid tool weight of 1.2kg balances portability and mass for stability. A TPE rubberised non-slip palm grip enables sure handling and control. All items are carried and organised in a sturdy carry case

Technical Specifications of the RUYIKA CIRCULAR SAW
Input power: 400W / 220V-240V~50Hz
No-load speed: 4500rpm
Blade size: 120mm
Sawing depth: 0-12mm
Cable: 2M
Plug type: UK Plug
Machine Weight: 1.2kg
Packing Including:
1 X high speed steel 30teeth cutting blade 54.8mmØ X11mmØ
1 X tungsten carbide 18teeth cutting blade 54.8mmØ X11mmØ
1 X diamond cutting blade 54.8mmØ X11mmØ
1 X 1.6m dust extraction hose
1 x 5mm hex socket wrench
1 x 3mm hex wrench
1 x storage case/Box
1 X manual instruction