3pcs Titanium Step Cone Drill Bit Set With Pouch

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Made from high quality HSS steel.
With nylon storage bag.
New HSS Steel Large Step Cone Drill Titanium Bit Set Hole Cutter.
Heat treated and highly polished.
With the Titanium coated to reduce friction and heat.
Perfect for home DIY and general building / engineering use.
Ideal for using to cut holes in a variety of materials including steel, brass, wood, plastic,copper, fibreglass and PVC etc.
3 sided shanks design in order to prevent slippage when in chuck.
Two flute design provides faster, smoother and cleaner cuts.
Each step is clearly labeled with the depth diameter in steps

Material: HSS Steel
Finish: Titanium
Size: 4-12mm, 4-20mm, 3-12mm

Packing Included:
3 pcs x drill bits