2X PU Expanding Foam Gun Grade Professional Applicator

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【Easy to clean】: After use, the gun body is easy for you to clean.
【Precise Control】: The spring-triggered design allows you to precisely control the amount of foam, reducing economic consumption and waste of foam.
【Excellent performance】: With high expansion and strong adhesion, it is ideal for insulating and sealing small spaces such as your home windows and doors.
【Rugged and durable】: The precise thread design of the foaming gun is easy to operate and durable.

Type: Foam Spray Gun
Colour:Silver & Orange(Handle)
Material:Metal + ABS plastic
Size:40 x 40 mm threaded mount
Maximum output pressure:8 MPa
Maximum injection flow:5 L / min
Nozzle Size:3mm
Spray width:3mm

Package Included:
2x Foam Gun Applicator