2lt Hot Tub & Spa Algae Remover & Prevents Growth

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Pool Algae Remover 2 x 1L
Although algae itself does not cause any harm to swimmers, it does create the perfect climate for bacteria and germs to grow – as well as being extremely unsightly!
Our Cleenly Algae remover works fast to eliminate and prevent algae growth, helping to maintain clean and healthy water, that’s suitable for all types of pools. It’s simple to use and fast-acting, giving you a more attractive and more hygienic pool to swim and relax in, in no time.
Simply pour the recommended dose of algaecide remover into the pool (ideally it should be applied where the water inlets are situated as this will allow the formula to be dispersed evenly).
As with all chemical products, instructions and warnings should be carefully followed, do not exceed the normal dosage rates (full instructions on dosage rates are on the back of the bottle). Please note product is harmful to aquatics.