Eliminate Weeds And Unwanted Plantation Hot Air Weed Burner

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There is no better way to clean your garden and eliminate weeds and other unwanted plantation with a quick and eco-friendly method. No more spraying toxic chemicals that harm the rest of your garden. With this handy Weed Burner, the weeds' internal cells are destroyed by the intensive heat, causing them to wither and die within 24-48 hours, leaving your garden safe for kids and pets immediately after use.

All you need to do is plug it in with the adaptor provided and let the weed burner wand do the magic. This weed burner doesn’t have to be exclusively used for burning weed, but can also be used to de-ice paths, defrosting brass pipes or even lighting up BBQ grills.

Setting I 60 °C
Setting II 650 °C
2000 W
230 V
Plug Wire Length: 5m