2 Window Insulation Draught Excluder Film Kits

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Pack of 2 Window Insulation Kits Double Glazing Shrink Film Kit
Helps Reduce Heating Costs
Pack of 2 Window Insulation Kit.
Get ready for the winter and cold months with this window insulation kit.
Window Insulation Kit is clear insulating shrink film that keeps out drafts and helps stop condensation.
Includes self-adhesive fixing tape.
Creates a secondary glazing effect on windows to prevent draughts and keeps the warm air in.
Energy efficient helps reduce heating costs.
Easy to use and install can be cut to the desired size. 

Each pack kit includes:

Shrink film: 43'' x55'' (approx 109cm x 140cm)

Adhesive tape: 1/2 inch x 6.5m

Insulates up to 3 standard windows cut to size
Detailed instruction for installation & use