2 in 1 - Professional Grass Seed with Lawn Fertiliser– 375g

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2 in 1 - Grass Seed with Lawn Fertiliser– 375g

WERE TO USE: Hardwearing, patchy or full sun areas; ideal for over seeding, repairs or new lawn establishment. Shady areas- under trees or beneath fences or outbuildings. Patch filling- fill in small holes or patches caused by pet or debris. High Traffic areas- worn away or yellowing areas such as walkways or children’s play areas.

Slow Release- Slow release of feed and nutrients that will work on your lawns all throughout the season. Revitalize- green up your lawn ready for the next season.

Fixing Patches Rate of Application- 600g packet will treat up to 12 patches of a 30cm diameter using 50g per packet, Seeding an existing lawn- 600g pack will treat 5 square metres

Sowing Period- Sow between March to October- For best results continue watering until 1 year after sowing.

Highest Quality- Professional grade seeds. Result in stronger roots and a thick hard wearing lawn. A welcoming site at the entrance of your homes.

Contains a special blend of seeds proven to do well in the UK climate, and includes the latest trapezoidal varieties for stronger root growth and better drought tolerance.

Produce a thicker greener lawn